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Gift Certificates can be a great idea, here's why...

Gift certificates are very popular, while some like to surprise their loved ones with the finished article others like to give gift certificates so the recipient can enjoy the whole experience of having a commission drawn for them from start to finish.


Here are some of the benefits...

  • The certificate comes in a personalised presentation pack which includes the recipient’s name and the option of having a personal message.

  • The recipient gets to pick the photo they want to use for their portrait.

  • They will get to have regular work in progress updates at no extra cost.

  • There is the option of upgrading their commission, for example going for a larger size, adding an additional subject or time lapse video.

  • Gift certificates can be purchased last minute and are sent via special delivery which arrive before 1pm the following day.


Gift Certificates  come in denominations of £5.00 & £10.00.


For example, if you would like a gift certificate worth £75.00 please just change the quantity in your basket to 7 of £10 and 1 of £5.


I am happy to either send your gift certificate directly to you or to the inteneded recipient. 


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