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Portrait Price List​
























​​Above is a list of prices for standard & square portrait sizes, I like to keep my pricing structure simple so:

  • The price is the same for a head shot or full body pose.

  • There is no additional charge for including bridles, dog/cat collars etc.

  • There is no additional charge for reconfiguring sizes to best suit your portrait composition, for example an 18"x18" portrait could be reconfigured to 10"x26" at no extra charge.

  • The option of having 'negative space' can be added to a portrait for an additional 5% of the portrait cost, depending on the pose of the subject having negative space can really enhance the composition of a piece. Another benefit of having negative space is that it can make your portrait significantly larger at a fraction of the cost. Please see below for an example of negative space.

Prices include ALL work in progress updates of you commission AND free delivery to UK mainland or £20 shipping worldwide.

To book in I require a 50% deposit which secures your slot.

0% Payment plans are available.

Full balance is due before receiving your portrait.

Fiona Elliott,proofNWM.jpg
Example of negative space seen here on the left of this portrait.



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