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My inspiration


Like many I always love watching the Olympics but knew that the 2012 Olympics was for so many reasons an Olympics that would go down in history. It was already going to be a special event as it was on ‘home turf’ but the medal haul was incredible, especially for the Equestrian teams.


After being incredibly inspired again watching the 2016 Rio Olympics, with the British equine teams still going strong, I decided that I would like to put together a collection of artworks celebrating our British Equine heroes.


The collection will be featuring British medal winning horses from both the London 2012 & Rio 2016 games. I am hoping to follow this collection with a second which will be featuring past British medal winning horses, from time gone by.




The aim of this collection is to not only celebrate and honor the horses achievements but to also be able to raise money and awareness for charities chosen by the respective owners and riders.


Riders and owners are invited to sign a limited edition print (original size) of the artwork featuring their horse.  This Limited edition print will then be auctioned off with ALL the proceeds going to a charity of their choice.




How the Olympic Collection came to be...

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